Welcome to North Carolina Cyclocross Club!

We are an USCF registered club located out of Hendersonville, NC.  We are a group of racing cyclocrossers who have come together to form a club for the sole purpose of promoting cyclocross.  The attitude "what is in it for me?" has been traded for "what can I do for cycling?".  While our main focus is on cyclocross; members race all disciplines including mountain biking, road racing, track racing, and bmx. We also have aspirations to put on events other than cross races in the future. If you see us in our jersey, and have our mission at heart, please address us and join in on the fun!

Currently we are an unsponsored club. However, we would welcome sponsorship and have plans to use any sponsorship towards the promotions of our events which currently are the NC Cyclocross Fall Series, NC Cyclocross Winter Cup and the NC Cyclocross Grand Prix (UCI - C2 sanctioned).  If you are interested in sponsoring our mission, please contact any of our members.